Monday, 4 September 2017

..Happy Tongan Language Week for 2017.. 

Ko hoku Tongá | Identity Lea faka-Tonga he ‘aho kotoa pe | Speak the language everyday Embrace the language by finding ways to use Tongan every day. 

For brand new speakers, it might be as simple as using greetings like Mālō e lelei (hello), Me‘a a (goodbye), Mālō ‘aupito (thank you) or learning a new word or phrases daily or weekly. 

More advanced speakers could be challenged to find new ways to use the language outside of everyday conservation topics. For example, students could create maths problems (spoken or written) for each other using Lea faka-Tonga, or develop a story, poem or dramatic play. Why not create a game using Tongan language to play in the classroom, in the playground, workplace or at church.  

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