Monday, 5 June 2017

Rongomai School Samoan Language Week Celebration and Closing Ceremony

...Samoan Language Week... 

Talofa Lava Room 2 Parents and Caregivers, 

This year’s theme is: ‘Ma’au i lou ofaga. Maua’a lou fa’asinomaga’ – ‘Keep your identity alive to thrive’.

Wow! We have been learning about the Big Book called Lavalava by Lino Nelisi. It talks about a young girl called Sofi and she loves to wear her lavalava. Sofi has a beautiful family who partake in daily activities wearing their lavalava each day.

We would like to invite Room 2 Parents, Caregivers and extended families to our school Samoan Language Week Celebration and Closing Ceremony at 12.00pm. We are so excitied to share with you all a fantastic song called Le Aute (see link below). Please come along and support our tamaiti. Fa'afetai tele. 

Here are a few key words, phrases and the National Anthem to get you chatting/singing in Gagana Sāmoa (the Sāmoan language):
  • Hello: Talofa
  • How are you? Ua mai oe?
  • What's your name? O ai lou igoa?
  • My name is… O lo'u igoa o...
  • Where are you from? O fea e te sau ai?
  • Pleased to meet you: Ua ou fiafia ua ta feiloa'i
  • Goodbye: Tōfā, Tōfā soifua. 

Samoan National Anthem:

Ia Manuia le aso, 

Miss Tumutoa & Room 2. 


  1. Wow! Looks like Room 2 have been very busy learning as much as they can about the Samoan Language and culture. By the way, Le Aute is one of my favourite songs. I'm so glad your class have chosen to sing this at tomorrow's assembly! Malo lava Room 2 and Miss Tumutoa!

  2. Well done Miss Tumutoa - awesome to see the learning that has been happening in your classroom.

  3. Talofa Team, thank you all for your wonderful messages. Keep up all the great work team. Ia Manuia le aso, Miss Tumutoa and Room 2.